Peppermint Essential Oil Shower Melts Tutorial

  There is nothing I like better than a soothing shower or bath after a stressful day. You can actually feel the the scented water and steam relaxing the tensed up nerves in your body. In the mornings, I like invigorating scents to help get me going. What if I told you Peppermint Essential Oil… [Continue Reading]

Peppermint Essential Oil Shower Melts banner

Creating a Perennial Garden Border

Perennial flowers are a great choice for filling up a garden year after year, and it is also possible to create a garden border using only perennials. These low maintenance garden borders are easy to care for and are very budget friendly because you will not have to replant next year. Put a little planning… [Continue Reading]

Creating a Perennial Border

Cinnamon Banana Butter Recipe

  This delicious and sweet Cinnamon Banana Butter is the perfect treat over pancakes, waffles, stuffed in french toast, on bagels, drizzled over ice cream, on a peanut butter sandwich, and surely there are a few other ideas I missed. IF you like bananas and cinnamon you will love this creamy concoction and all of… [Continue Reading]

Cinnamon Banana Butter

Creating an Edible Flower Garden

Everyone is familiar with one or two flowers that can be eaten, but only because they are often sugared and used to adorn cakes and pastries. Even then, those beautiful flowers are often set to the side and not actually eaten. If you are in love with the idea of adding flowers to salads, breads,… [Continue Reading]


Raspberry Vanilla Italian Soda Recipe

  With the temperature rising outside it’s pretty likely that soon you’ll be on the hunt for something to help keep yourself hydrated and refreshed. To beat the heat during this years warm/hot season why not give this Raspberry Vanilla Italian Soda recipe a try? It’s sure to be a hit, whether you’re whipping it… [Continue Reading]

Raspberry Vanilla Italian Soda

Strawberry Crunch Bars Recipe

  With the weather warming up lately the countdown has begun for Strawberry season. What better way to start off the pending season than with this delicious recipe for Strawberry Crunch Bars? Strawberry preserves and shortcake sound nice and heavenly, but these chilled bars topped with crumbly goodness should be on everyone’s top 5 baking… [Continue Reading]

Strawberry Crunch Bars

Blackberry Honey Compound Butter Recipe

  I spent a lot of years eating plain Jane foods before realizing that not only were there more options to choose from to help spruce up my eating habits, but that I’d also love the new, more exotic varieties as well. I love a good slice of toast slathered in warm butter but let’s… [Continue Reading]

Blackberry Honey Compound Butter vertical

Best Bang for your Buck on Blooming Flowers for the Garden

Growing flowers in our gardens is a wonderful way to bring vibrant colors and lovely scents to our outdoor space. Flowers though, can be a bit on the pricey side if buying them one plant at a time. Here are some great tips to get the best bang for your buck on blooming flowers for… [Continue Reading]

Best Bang for your Buck on Blooming Flowers for the Garden

Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats for a Delicious Breakfast

  Between family, work and our beloved posse of pups life can get pretty crazy sometimes, especially at breakfast time when making choices seems the hardest and finding time to put together a well-balanced, nutritional meal is just too much so early in the morning. With recipes like Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats, planning ahead has… [Continue Reading]

Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

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Pink Grapefruit Slushy banner

Pink Grapefruit Slushy Recipe

  With Summer on it’s way, we will all be looking for thirst quenching drinks! I have a Pink Grapefruit Slushy recipe that is simply to die for! Not only is it delicious, it makes a ‘pretty’ drink to boot! And, if you want to turn it into an adult beverage, it’s super simple to (Continue Reading…);

Mainely Cole's Grandma's Grapefruit Lotion & Body Scrub #Giveaway!

Mainely Cole’s Grandma’s Grapefruit Lotion & Body Scrub #Giveaway! – ends 5/11 US Only

Mainely Cole’s has graciously sponsored this all-natural Grapefruit Summer Skin Prep Giveaway! Mom Does Reviews and her fabulous blogger friends are excited to share this giveaway with you! About Mainely Cole’s– Rejuvenating Skin Care Crafted in Maine Hand-crafted to address a myriad of skin and hair care issues, Mainely Cole’s offers a fully comprehensive line (Continue Reading…);

#Win an SWEET Entenmann's Prize Pack!

#Win an SWEET Entenmann’s Prize Pack! – ends 5/10 US Only

The sweetest holiday of them all is coming – Friday, June 5th – National Donut Day, so mark your calendar.  Entenmann’s has a fun Prize Pack for one LUCKY reader to celebrate this SWEET Holiday! Entenmann’s will be rolling out their new Rich Frosted Patriotic Donut Eight Pack just before the holiday.  The new Rich (Continue Reading…);

Chicken Bacon Bombs Recipe

Chicken Bacon Bombs Recipe

  There really is no other way to say it! Chicken Bacon Bombs are a yummy delicious treat that everyone loves! They are perfect as appetizers, party foods or a main dish for supper. The chicken and cheese flavors meld together perfectly, while the bacon adds another delicious flavor to the mix. The bacon also (Continue Reading…);

Fresh n' Lean Delicious & Healthy Meal Delivery Service #Review

Fresh n’ Lean Delicious & Healthy Meal Delivery Service #Review

  Over the last few years I’ve made it a priority to watch what I eat. Fast food is such an easy temptation to fall prey to, especially with our fast paced life and crazy schedules. With a little strategic planning it is possible to avoid the pitfall! By eating healthier foods and combining the (Continue Reading…);

Frownies Main

Frownies Summer Sun Skincare Package #Review #SizzlingSummer

Welcome to Spring into a Sizzling Summer! Brought to you by Southern Krazed,  Mom Does Reviews,  Powered by Mom and Top Notch Material .  We have joined together to share with you the hottest products you’ll want to grab for summer!  This summer you will want to protect your skin with the best all natural ingredients to prevent (Continue Reading…);

PureBiotics ProBiotic Supplements for a Natural Balance #Review

PureBiotics ProBiotic Supplements for a Natural Balance #Review

  Have y’all been hearing all the talk and feedback from probiotics, and especially probiotics for women, here lately? It has really grabbed my attention! When it comes to my digestive health it seems like I’ve tried everything to keep it on track – natural solutions, diet, yucky gritty stuff mixed in water, to medication. (Continue Reading…);

Win it Wednesday

Win It Wednesday 4/29/15

Win It Wednesday 4/29/15 It’s time for our Win It Wednesday Giveaway Linky for the week of 4/29/15! All Bloggers are welcome! Feel free to link up all your giveaways! Then, browse through and enter some yourself! You never know, someone’s gotta win! It may as well be you! BLOGGERS:  Please remember, all entries MUST (Continue Reading…);

Blueberry Jam Recipe with Canning Instructions

Blueberry Jam Recipe with Canning Instructions

Whether it’s on warm toast with butter, smothered over a stack of homemade pancakes or by the spoonful, nothing quite beats the taste of homemade Blueberry Jam! There’s just something about moving through the process of making it yourself that makes the old store-bought, machine made version pale in comparison. Can you imagine this Blueberry (Continue Reading…);

Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Whitening Trays & Gel #Giveaway!

Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Whitening Trays & Gel #Giveaway! – ends 5/11 Open WW

Whiter teeth is something I believe most of us strive for. I also believe most of us, at some time or another, has tried brushing with whitening toothpaste, to using a various assortment of whitening products to brighten up our smile. A few of us, me included, has thought about going to the dentist for (Continue Reading…);

Smile Brilliant for a Drop Dead Gorgeous Smile! #review

Smile Brilliant for a Drop Dead Gorgeous Smile! #review

Let’s be honest. We all want beautiful white teeth and a gorgeous smile. When your teeth aren’t quite as white as they should be, it makes us self conscious. When we are self conscious, we may hide our smiles, or worse yet, not smile at all. That bit of self-consciousness over a less than brilliant (Continue Reading…);

#Win an Old Time Candy 4lb Chocolate Box!

#Win an Old Time Candy 4lb Chocolate Box! – ends 5/5 US Only

Sponsored by: Old Time Candy Hosted by: Powered by Mom Read Powered by Mom’s review of the Old Time Candy Mother’s Day Chocolate Lovers 4lb Gift Box HERE Candy!!! Woot! I love it as much as any kid does It’s hard to say what is my favorite, but you can bet it has something to (Continue Reading…);

Easy YUMMY Recipes

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips, Baked Beans

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips

When you think of slow cookers, you may think they are only good for meat. While it's true that slow cookers are wonderful at cooking meats, they are actually great for vegetarian dishes. In fact, if (Continue Reading...);

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza | Easy, Quick and Tasty!

Breakfast Pizza is a good change of pace for breakfast. It offers an alternative from the run-of-the-mill bacon and eggs or sausage and eggs. It is super easy and quick to make and it taste great (Continue Reading...);

Mint Chocolate Plant Parfaits Recipe

Mint Chocolate Plant Parfaits Recipe

  There is nothing more soothing to an exhausted soul than chocolate! Let's face it! Chocolate can cancel out a lot of bad days, right? On my toughest days I can't wait until everything is settled (Continue Reading...);

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How to Make and Can Cajun Dill Pickles

Pickles are one of my favorite things! I love all kinds of pickles from Bread & Butter to Dill to Sweet and I can eat them straight out of the jar! I think my very favorite has to be the spicy (Continue Reading...);


44 Ways of Preserving Vegetables and Fruits

Now that gardening season is in full swing, we will all be busy canning, freezing and dehydrating our bounty! Of course we will be enjoying fresh veggies and fruit along the way, but by preserving the (Continue Reading...);


Freezing Vegetables and Fruits

Summer time brings on lots of great produce but if you are anything like me I never get it all used up.  So instead of throwing it out I have learned to freeze it so I have more to use in the other (Continue Reading...);

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Hyacinth, Fragrant Spring Flowers to Grow Indoors

Fragrant Spring Flowers to Grow Indoors

There are several flowers and bulbs that bloom from early spring to the beginning of summer, but after the long months of winter it’s the fragrant ones that really add something to the home. Shopping (Continue Reading...);

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Krazy Savings From The Garden – Week 2

Well, it has taken a little while to get to Week 2 in the Krazy Savings from the Garden. But, honestly it would have been quite boring. Besides watering, if it doesn't rain, all you do is wait on the (Continue Reading...);


Creating an Edible Flower Garden

Everyone is familiar with one or two flowers that can be eaten, but only because they are often sugared and used to adorn cakes and pastries. Even then, those beautiful flowers are often set to the (Continue Reading...);

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DIY Autumn Bench for Welcoming Fall Decor

As the air begins to turn crisp and cool, I love to decorate my home in the warm colors that autumn provides. Turning your garden bench into a warm and welcoming celebration for fall is with an autumn (Continue Reading...);

Easy Decorative Twine Wrapped Eggs

Easy Decorative Twine Wrapped Eggs

Decorative Twine Wrapped Eggs is a fun and easy craft to do. The decorative eggs are very inexpensive to make, take very little time and turns an ordinary plastic Easter egg into a unique looking egg! (Continue Reading...);


25 Snazzy Snowflake Crafts

With all of the cold weather sweeping the nation, you might be looking for some fun crafts to do inside! What better idea than to do some snazzy snowflake crafts with your family? There are lots of (Continue Reading...);

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