10 Odd Money Saving Ways to Use Eggs!

We all love eggs for breakfast, baking and cooking. But, did you know there are so many more amazing things you can use eggs for? From personal care to around the house, we have some unique and odd money saving ways to use eggs to share with you. Who would have thought that a little… [Continue Reading]


6 Ways to Season Food with Herbs

We have an odd day coming up next month. August 29 is More Herbs, Less Salt Day. The idea behind this odd observance is to promote the wonderful power of herbs. They’re better for you than salt, and they pack in extra nutrients. But if you are going to use herbs, you need to remember… [Continue Reading]

6-Ways-to-Season -Food-with-Herbs

Creating an Edible Flower Garden

Everyone is familiar with one or two flowers that can be eaten, but only because they are often sugared and used to adorn cakes and pastries. Even then, those beautiful flowers are often set to the side and not actually eaten. If you are in love with the idea of adding flowers to salads, breads,… [Continue Reading]


10 Uses for Epsom Salt for Beauty and Health Issues

Epsom salt isn’t really salt. It’s actually a compound of sulfate and magnesium, which is a naturally occurring mineral. It’s a known treatment for many ailments. But did you know Epsom Salt can also be used in beauty treatments, around the house and in gardening? The best part is, it’s natural! Below are some of… [Continue Reading]


Delicious Brownie Bowls from Scratch!

Brownies are an all time favorite treat at my house. But, how about putting a little different spin on them? Instead of plain brownies, Brownie Bowls are fun and delicious! Brownie Bowls are also perfect for adding your favorite topping to. Add in a scoop of ice cream, bananas or any other topping you may… [Continue Reading]


Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco Friendly: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Doing our part to help protect the environment may seem difficult and hard. But, if we just take it in small steps it’s really easy. These small steps can add up to make a big difference! Not only will we help the environment, we will save money and it’s better for us! Here are a… [Continue Reading]


Grilling on a Budget: How to Successfully Stretch What you Have

Let’s face it! A lot of us love to grill out and have family and friends over for get-togethers, but the expense of it can put a huge damper on things. Well, just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to skip the fun of grilling in the summer or even hosting… [Continue Reading]


5 Natural Herbs for Heartburn

I believe at some point in our lives we have all suffered from heartburn. That awful burning and pain in your chest and the need to burp or belch is a miserable feeling. It can really ruin your day! Heartburn, even though miserable, is usually not a serious condition. However, if you are having daily… [Continue Reading]


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Tech Armor Prize Package ($75+ value) Giveaway!

This Mobile Protection Giveaway is sponsored by Tech Armor and hosted by Mom Does Reviews When it comes to tech gadgets like my phone, tablet and laptop, I need all the protection I can get! I am a klutz all the way! Thank goodness for companies like Tech Armor! Tech Armor is a leading mobile device (Continue Reading…);


Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish Giveaway – 2 Winners!

Sponsored by DelSol Organized by Celebrate Woman Today How would you like to add some fun sprinkles into your summer days? Well, we have just the thing! We are excited to bring you this super fun giveaway for Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish! They are so much fun! You can use them now or stash (Continue Reading…);


Uses for Used Tea Bags

Tea is an all time favorite drink, especially in the south where I live. We just can’t go without our iced tea! Actually, I love tea hot or cold and all varieties! But, have you ever thought about uses for used tea bags? Rather than just throwing them out, check out all the cool ways (Continue Reading…);


Onyx Stainless Steel 6-Piece Canister Set ($170 value) Giveaway!

Sponsored by: Onyx Hosted by: Southern Krazed We have been trying to move away from using plastic containers because most plastic products leach unwanted chemicals! On the other hand, there is always glass, but with my klutsy self, we do not get along. Stainless steel products are making their way into my house and Onyx (Continue Reading…);


Win It Wednesday 7/30/14

Win It Wednesday 7/30/14 It’s time for our Win It Wednesday Giveaway Linky for the week of 7/30/14! All Bloggers are welcome! Feel free to link up all your giveaways! Then, browse through and enter some yourself! You never know, someone’s gotta win! It may as well be you! BLOGGERS:  Please remember, all entries MUST (Continue Reading…);


Irresistible Me Silky Touch Clip In Hair Extensions Giveaway!

Have you ever wanted to try hair extensions? Or, maybe you use them often. Whatever the case may be, we have a wonderful opportunity for you from Irresistible Me! Southern Krazed is excited to bring you this amazing giveaway sponsored by Irresistable Me! Irresistable Me wants to give away ONE SET of Silky Touch Irresistible (Continue Reading…);


Hard Candy Makeup Mystery Box ($60 arv) Giveaway!

This amazing Giveaway is hosted by Mom Does Reviews and Mom Blog Society! Are you a makeup kind of girl? I will admit more often than not I don’t wear makeup. Most days I am here with my pups, who don’t seem to mind if I have any on or not, or I’m in the (Continue Reading…);


Del Sol Products Mystery Box Giveaway!

Sponsored by DelSol Organized by Celebrate Woman Today Southern Krazed is joining in this celebration of fun and stylish Del Sol Products! They are perfect for a Back-to-School Celebration! But, our Mystery Box contains a little bit of something for everyone! Here’s an idea what will be inside this mystery box: 5 DelSol Nail Polishes (Continue Reading…);


Grilling on a Budget: How to Successfully Stretch What you Have

Let’s face it! A lot of us love to grill out and have family and friends over for get-togethers, but the expense of it can put a huge damper on things. Well, just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to skip the fun of grilling in the summer or even hosting (Continue Reading…);


Win a Gorgeous Rattan Two-Tone Bangle Bracelet!

Y’all know me and my bracelet addiction by now. Well, I am excited to share a fun bracelet GIVEAWAY with you y’all! Southern Krazed has teamed up with Having Fun Saving and Pietra PR to bring you a chance to win this beautiful Rattan Two-Tone Bangle Bangle Bracelet! Isn’t it beautiful? I believe it would go with (Continue Reading…);


$50 VISA Gift Card Giveaway – 2 Winners!

How many times have you planned to take a vacation and then either changed your mind or didn’t have the money? Well, we would love to tell you about Outski.com. Outski is a helpful and fun way to plan a trip! With Outski it keeps you motivated to take a much needed vacation that we all need (Continue Reading…);


Febreze Prize Pack & $60 AMEX Gift Card Giveaway!

Have you ever heard of noseblindness? I think I may have developed it! If you haven’t heard of it, essentially it’s our senses inability to smell certain things that we have become immune or used to around our home. I live with 7 dogs on a day to day basis, and to me it may (Continue Reading…);


Edible Flowers: The what, why and how of them

Edible Flowers: The what, why and how of them

Sure, flowers are pretty to look at and smell, but did you know some of them are also quite tasty? Many flowering plants are good to eat and good for you! Edible flowers can be found in the wild if (Continue Reading...);


Easy Step-by-Step Vegetable Container Gardening Guide

Even if you don't have a room for a garden, an аttrасtivе аnd thriving container vegetable gаrdеn саn bе yours. In thiѕ vegetable соntаinеr gаrdеning guidе I'll give you аll thе information аnd tiрѕ (Continue Reading...);

Herbs to Grow in Shade

Herbs to Grow in Shade

Not everyone is blessed with a garden that can be grown in full sun, so learning about the plants that can survive in the shade is a learning process.  When designing your shade garden, make sure you (Continue Reading...);

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Household Uses for Lemons

25 Household Uses for Lemons

Did you know that lemons have a lot of great uses around the house? Lemons are natural, chemical free, cheap and they smell good! What's not to love about them?! I love when I can incorporate natural (Continue Reading...);

All Purpose Cleaner

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner is easy to make, super cheap and a great cleaner to use on almost any surface in your house.  I just used an empty spray bottle I to store my mixture in, as well as an (Continue Reading...);


Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Drу skin is a соnditiоn that is diѕlikеd еquаllу bу both men аnd women. Thоugh this condition dоеѕ nоt result in any serious аilmеnt, but it рrоduсеѕ аn unсоmfоrtаblе feeling аnd thе overall (Continue Reading...);

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Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes Recipe

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes Recipe

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5 Ways to Use Rosemary in the Kitchen

5 Ways to Use Rosemary in the Kitchen

Fresh rosemary sprigs are so incredibly fragrant that they make the ultimate herb to include in all aspects of your cooking. Bring the fresh herb straight into the kitchen from the garden to enjoy the (Continue Reading...);

Slow Cooker, Successful Slow Cooking

Tips and Tricks for Successful Slow Cooking

Slow cookers are a wonderful way to have food "cook itself." If you're not used to using one, knowing some tips and tricks for successful slow cooking ahead of time can help reduce the learning curve. (Continue Reading...);

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5 Unique Ways to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Cаnning, frееzing, аnd drуing аrе popular home рrеѕеrvаtiоn mеthоdѕ tоdау. In the past, people рrеѕеrvеd fооd bесаuѕе they didn’t hаvе аnу оthеr сhоiсе. In times оf pestilence, wаr, famine, tѕunаmiѕ, (Continue Reading...);

Freezing Vegetables and Fruits

Freezing Vegetables and Fruits

Summer time brings on lots of great produce but if you are anything like me I never get it all used up.  So instead of throwing it out I have learned to freeze it so I have more to use in the other (Continue Reading...);


Best Vegetables to Grow for Canning

Being able to grow your own vegetables which you can then can and store in the pantry for the winter is one of the most rewarding parts of gardening. Growing vegetables is the best way to enjoy fresh (Continue Reading...);

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