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Tips for Growing Tomatoes

Nothing beats having a bacon and tomato sandwich for an afternoon meal. I love the taste of freshly picked beefsteak tomatoes and I, for one, make … [read more]

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Easy Recipes

Christmas Truffles Recipe

Christmas Truffles Recipe

Christmas is the time of year that we make lots of homemade candies. Then we have a candy exchange day and get a new kind that we didn't make and end … [read more]

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Food Preservation


How to Make Freezer Corn

There are few things in life better than fresh corn, but it has a very short growing season and it seems to follow the feast or famine cliché. If … [read more]

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Green Living


7 Fireplace Safety Tips

A warm and crackling fire is a wonderful way to enjoy a chilly winter’s eve. But before you strike a match, here are 7 fireplace safety tips you … [read more]

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