PlasmaCar Review and Giveaway!

Have you heard of a PlasmaCar? I had been hearing other moms talk about them for quite a while, but had never seen one. I was interested, and curious, about them. So, what is it? Well, the Original PlasmaCar is an innovative, ride-on toy that harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction, and kid power! Using kid power and using up some of that abundant energy sounded pretty good to me! I also loved the fact it required no batteries, gears, or pedals!



The PlasmaCar can be used indoors, or out, on a smooth, flat surface. Although, it is not recommended for hardwood floors. It is recommended for ages 3+ and will support up to 220 lbs. When I recently had the opportunity to review one I was really excited for Kailey, who just turned 4, to get one and give it a try!

When our PlasmaCar came in, we immediately opened it up. Kailey had saw the picture on the box and was jumping up and down in excitement! We read briefly though the instructions to put it together, which turned out to be VERY simple. It only required a rubber mallet and a screwdriver or a 17mm socket wrench. It took us 5 minutes tops to put it together and she was ready to roll.

We took a few minutes to explain to her the steps of how to make it go and what made it work.

1. Place the PlasmaCar on a smooth, flat surface.
2 Sit with the feet on the footrests, lean slightly forward, and grip the
steering wheel.
3. To propel the car forward, turn the steering wheel back and
forth continuously.
To go in reverse, rotate the steering wheel 180 degrees.
4. To bring the PlasmaCar to a stop, stop turning the wheel, wait for the car
to slow, and put your feet on the ground.


We took it out to the carport for the trial run. Since she is only 4 years old, so we took a few minutes and went over the instruction again. Once she was on the PlasmaCar, it took only a few seconds of her studying it and off she went!


You see from the concentration on her face, she was studying it hard.


She maneuvered the turn without mishap and continued on, picking up confidence in how it worked as she went.


Before long, she was riding like a pro. She is loving her new PlasmaCar! It has became her favorite thing to do everyday.

We are loving the new PlasmaCar because it uses up some of that 4 year old energy! There are no batteries to buy or other parts to keep repairing. Because it grows with kids, up to 220 pounds, it won’t need replacing like other ride on toys do! In our opinion, it is an awesome ride on toy that she will enjoy for years to come!

PLEASE NOTE: PlaSmart recommends that proper footwear be worn while riding The Original PlasmaCar and helmets are recommended for outdoor use.

So, where can you find the PlasmaCar? Just click HERE to find your nearest retailer by typing in your zip code.

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