Halloween Superstitions: Traditions, Myths, and Legends

Halloween is a superstitious time of year but many of them reach back as far as the Celtic roots.  There are lots of Halloween superstitions and whether or not you believe in them, it is fun to talk about them especially around Halloween.

Halloween Superstitions: Traditions, Myths, and Legends

Here are a few that we have always heard:


Bats are winged mammals that is know for getting into houses.  The old superstition is that if you get a bat in your house, then a ghost lives there and let it in.  If you see a bat on Halloween night it is supposed to be a bad omen. And if the bat flew around your house three times, the superstition is that it’s a death omen. I don’t know that I would ever try to count that one! But I do know our house has had bats a couple times and we always hurry to get them out!!

Black Cats

Black Cats are pretty, but around Halloween time it is considered bad luck in some parts of the world while others it brings good luck. Growing up we had a black cat and wasn’t cursed with bad luck, but I guess it just depends on what you believe. Which side of that story do you believe?


The lighting of candles is traditional around this time of year. For one thing, the days are getting shorter; for another, people used to set large bonfires on “Hallow’s Eve.” So superstitions involving candles have sprung up over the centuries. One myth says that if a candle flame that suddenly turns blue, it means a ghost is close by. But we all know that a blue flame means hotter flames, right?

What are some of the Halloween superstitions that you or your family talk about or believe in?


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