10 Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organization Under Control

Are you overwhelmed when you walk into your kitchen? Maybe there are items on the counter, products overflowing from drawers, and unnecessary items on the floor. The simple act of clearing the clutter and organizing your kitchen can make it look cleaner and feel more comfortable to be in! I will be the first to admit I am a little OCD about clutter! When there is chaos all around me, it’s like my mind can’t settle on any particular thing. Plus, clutter tends to make a space look messy and unclean even if it is clean! It’s time to unclutter and take control of your kitchen organization! Now you can with these ten kitchen organization tips.


10 Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organization Under Control

#1. Get Rid Of Items – You knew this tip was coming. You can’t organize your kitchen with items overflowing from every crevice. Grab a trash bag if you have to and just start ‘going at it.’ It might be a painful process, but getting rid of the clutter is totally worth it. It may be time to get rid of the amount of “furniture” you have in your kitchen as well. Anything to make a little space in your kitchen is always a good idea.

#2. Make More Organization Space – There are SO many different organizational tools you can buy to make room in your kitchen for items. Buy shelves or baskets to help tidy things up a bit. The dollar store is an excellent resource for this. I like to get a little creative when I’m creating organization space. Look around your kitchen to see if there’s a nook or cranny that you can utilize for organization.

#3. Utilize the Back of Cabinets – Put the back of your cabinets to use. You can add hooks to hang items up, like spoons or cleaning materials. You might be surprised at what you can put on the back of your cabinets. Plus, no one will see what you have hanging from hooks because no one opens your cabinets but you. I say it’s better to hide the items behind a cabinet on a hook, then keep it laying on your cabinets.

#4. Clear Out the Number of Items You Have – Do you really need 15 different kinds of plates? No! It’s time to donate some of those cups, plates, and bowls. If you can’t bring yourself to donate those items, at least give them to a family member in need. Or, consider having a garage sale!

#5. Make a Pile – It’s so easy to get rid of items when you make a “keep” and “save” pile. It won’t be long before you’re ready to make another donation. Make sure you go the “save” pile and put the items in a place that they belong.

#6. Everything Has a Home – It’s so tempting to leave that toaster out after you’re done with it. Do you want a little advice? Put it away! You’ll love seeing those counters incredibly clear. Nothing beats walking into a kitchen and seeing everything completely put away.

#7. Wash the Dishes – Some of the clutter you see in your kitchen right now is probably from dirty dishes. Clear out the clutter by washing the dishes and putting them away. Giving your kitchen a good rub down once a week will probably also help the organization issue in your kitchen.

#8. Utilize the Ceiling – By utilizing your ceiling space, you are going to clear clutter and save space. Get a little creative with the type of organizational tool you’ll use for this. If you have low cabinets, you can also place items on top to clear up a little more space elsewhere.

#9. Get a Lazy Susan or Two – Lazy Susans are awesome for getting rid of clutter. You put them in cabinets, and you can only fit so many things on top, so it makes organization fun. Plus, when you need an item, you just swivel around the Lazy Susan to get exactly what you need.

#10. Make Zones In Your Kitchen – Just like everything has a place in your kitchen; make sure everything has a space. Make part of your counter the “prep” zone, another part of your counter the “appliance” zone. You’ll love having a space for everything in your kitchen.

Getting your kitchen organization under control is an important step in making sure your kitchen stays clean. It can be tough to get the motivation to clear the clutter, but once you do, you will be a happy homeowner again. No one ever regretted taking the time to organize the most important room in their home.

What ways do you try and get organized in your kitchen? I’d love to hear your tips.


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