Waffle Breakfast Sandwich Recipe


Breakfast foods are my favorite foods! I may not always eat them at normal breakfast time, actually I prefer them for supper. Is anyone with me on this? Normally, when you think of a breakfast sandwich, ideas of biscuits, eggs and bacon may come to mind. But, have you ever thought about using waffles instead […]

Sausage Breakfast Casserole makes a Delicious Family Meal


If I keep posting breakfast recipes y’all may begin to think I am hung up on breakfast! The truth is, I love breakfast foods! Even though I’m not a big breakfast eater, later in the morning I am starving. So, I guess you would call that brunch! I also LOVE eating breakfast foods at supper […]

150 Calorie Egg Scramble Recipe

150 Calorie Egg Scramble Recipe

One of the toughest meals to make delicious yet low calorie when you are working on living healthier is breakfast. Many of the options available are low in flavor as well as low in calorie. This 150 Calorie Egg Scramble is the perfect breakfast meal that has not only minimal calories per serving but is […]

Tips on using eggs

Tips on using eggs

One of my favorite foods is deviled eggs. But, it requires boiling and peeling eggs, which can be a chore. But, I have found a few tips that makes the world of difference when cooking and using eggs. These are interesting tidbits to know that makes preparing them so much easier and quicker! Tips on […]

Farm fresh eggs compared to store bought eggs

Farm fresh eggs compared to store bought eggs

Have you ever wondered what the difference is in farm fresh eggs and store bought eggs? Is there a difference in brown and white eggs? Or, I have been asked before – do you need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs?   Farm fresh eggs are free range and natural making them much […]

Breakfast Pizza | Easy, Quick and Tasty!

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza is a good change of pace for breakfast. It offers an alternative from the run-of-the-mill bacon and eggs or sausage and eggs. It is super easy and quick to make and it taste great too! You can use your choice of sausage or bacon, or even ham. Then, add any optional items that […]

Easy Breakfast Strata Recipe

breakfast strata

My friend Tracy at Having Fun Saving has an easy Breakfast Strata recipe that her mother makes. It’s an easy one to toss in different ingredients as you see fit. It is also one that you can make the night before! Don’t you love those kind, especially when you would like to sleep in some […]